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Working Together


The beauty of the natural world is ever shifting – from the showy, luscious peonies of June to the simple, sweet acorns that fall in October. 


And beyond the unstoppable fade of one season to another, year after year, there are changes in weather, innovations in breeding, and explorations of our farmers that always keep us on our toes. 


No moment is ever the same as the one that came before.  And so no wedding is ever the same as the one that came before. 


If you are excited by the possibilities created by seasonality and local, sustainable farming practices, then we are beyond excited by the possibility of working with you.

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The one thing we cannot promise you is the exact flowers that will be at your wedding.  This may sound like the craziest thing a florist could say, but it is the most honest and useful thing you can know about this process.

We work with you to hone your color palette and identify your style so that no matter what is blooming the week of your wedding, it is perfectly "you."

We'll prepare you with flowers you can likely expect. And then we'll source those blooms from up to a dozen farms to get the perfect combination.

But because we do not order from large wholesalers that ship flowers around the world, there will inevitably be surprises (usually good ones!) when it comes time to select your flowers.


If you can release the idea of "traditional" wedding flowers and trust that we always source the best of what is blooming that very moment, we will design a wedding that exceeds your expectations.

The Arnold House Catskills Wedding 19_ed


Full Service

Full service design is for the couple who wants flowers to play an important role in their wedding day but also wants to leave the hard work of the day to us.  We work with you (and your planner if you are using one) on a custom design.  We remain available to you to update this design throughout your planning process as more details come together.  And on the day of you wedding we take care of everything from setup to cleanup.  This includes any on site installations.


Full service design begins at $5,000 and can range up to $20,000 or more.  Most couples fall between $7,000-$12,000, but every year we work on beautiful weddings at all points throughout this spectrum.


These factors are helpful to determine where you might fall within this range: 1) guest count, 2) size of wedding party, 3) the "fullness" of your table decor and 4) installations.

A La Carte Service

A la carte service is for the couple with a small wedding or who is willing to take on a little work to achieve more.  We have a set of offerings you can choose from.  Once you have chosen the items you need, we work with you to set your color palette.  You have the option to pick up the flowers at our studio in Bloomington, NY or have them delivered for an additional fee.  You, friends, family, or other vendors will handle the setup and clean up of the flowers on the day of the wedding.  This is a great opportunity to gift guests with centerpieces to take home!  Because we do not handle setup, installations are generally unavailable with this service.


A la carte service begins at $500 but can range up to $5,000 or more.  Most couples fall between $1,500 - $3,000. And although $5,000 is also the starting point for full service weddings, with a la carte service, there is no labor charge for setup and breakdown.  So this stretches what can be achieved with the same budget.

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