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Seasonal Flower Spotlight — Hellebores

Posted April 7, 2021

dark purple locally grown hellebore
dusty pink locally grown hellebore
double petal white locally grown hellebore
beige with pink spots locally grown hellebore
dusty pink locally grown hellebore
cream locally grown hellebore with pink edges
dark purple locally grown hellebore
dark bouquet of locally grown hellebore
beige and cream double petal locally grown hellebore
double petal purple locally grown hellebore
Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 7.56.29 AM.png

Up here in the Hudson Valley, there's not much blooming until April.  One of the few exceptions is the beautiful, diverse hellebore, which starts to open its flowers at the end of March. These flowers will continue to bloom through April and May.  They are perfect for adding dusty tones to any spring arrangement.  So if you're looking for spring flowers for your wedding in that muted, muddy color palette, hellebores are a must have.

If you're trying to envision how hellebores could work for your wedding, take a look at these arrangements featuring hellebores!

blush and yellow spring centerpiece with dusty pink pops and fruit styling

The soft yellows from the daffodil and palest pinks from the butterfly ranunculus (along with that bright yellow pop from the forsythia) make this centerpiece traditionally "springy."  But the dark, dusty pink hellebore mute the pastels and bring a sophistication to the arrangement.  They also offer a contrast in tone so that the lighter daffodils and butterfly ranunculus have something to pop against.

Using very similar flowers but with a lighter hellebore and a pop of bright pink (thanks to those cherry blossoms!), this spring centerpiece switches from moody to bright and cheerful.  Instead, of dusty pink hellebores, this beige hellebore with bright pink dots helps bridge your eye perfectly from yellow to pink.

pink and yellow cheerful spring centerpiece

Spring Pastel Centerpieces

using Hellebores

A White & Blush Centerpiece

using Hellebores

If your style leans more toward light neutrals, there's beautiful cream and blush hellebores that will make that classic palette look fresh and seasonal.  Here creamy hellebores edged in pink and those blush butterfly ranunculus are tucked among mini white wildflowers.

white and blush spring centerpiece

A Bold Centerpiece with dark pops

using Hellebores

But my favorite hellebores are the bold, dramatic dark ones.  Their colors are so deep!  They are a black hole straight to my heart. 


I think many couples imagine darker color schemes for fall or winter weddings.  But some of the most beautiful dark flowers are actually spring flowers, and hellebores are a perfect example.  If your style is the rich tones of a Dutch still life painting — lights and darks playing off of each other — then spring flowers, and specifically the diverse hellebore, are made for you.

cream and yellow spring centerpiece with dark purple pops

Want to see more hellebores?  Check out our editorial inspired by a 19th century artist's studio!  We also used all locally grown spring flowers for that moody centerpiece.  And if you want to keep up with what's blooming, be sure to sign up for our newsletter below.  Subscribers get bonus content about each flower featured that is only available to them!

a bouquet of all hellebores
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