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What's Blooming When

A Seasonal Flower Guide for the Hudson Valley

Posted 2.xx.2021

I very often receive inquiries in which the couple will request a flower that is out of season on their wedding day.  It is sometimes a personal favorite, sometimes a sentimental reminder of a loved one, and sometimes just a flower they've seen online and liked.  And it's difficult to tell someone that they can't have this special flower because of the day they choose for their wedding. 

So for those getting married in the area in the Northeast, here is a guide to which flowers are blooming when. You can click on each flower to see more color varieties.  Or you can click on each month to see color palettes available during that month.  So whether you are concern with having a specific flower, trying to create a specific color palette, or just exploring your options, I hope this is useful in planning!

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