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Welcome Back TNF Journal

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

I tried out a journal when we first put up our website, which was about 2 years ago at this point. That version of the website was... a bit rough. Lots of iPhone photos back when my iPhone camera wasn't all that good, and very little idea of what type of designs Three Notch would focus on. My ambition didn't last long, and the journal only ended up with 2 posts before it was hidden from the website.

This time around, my goal is to be more intentional and focus the blog on three areas:

  1. posts that might be helpful for those planning their wedding -- tips on choosing and decorating venues, features on less common color palettes, interviews with other vendors and their suggestions and tips

  2. posts diving in deeper with our clients -- what elements are most important to them, how they reflect their personalities and interests through their florals, and what their favorite or funny moments were looking back

  3. posts that explain what Three Notch is a bit better -- our commitment to sustainability, our process in designing and how it is evolving, and maybe a bit about the people behind the flowers (maybe... it's hard to be photographed!)

I'd love to hear your thoughts about these topics or anything else you'd like to hear about!

Photo credit: Vivian N. Photos taken as the 3 West Club. Thank you Vivian for being savvy and catching a picture of me when I wasn't looking!