goes into (many) weddings, excluding the actual flowers.  (A conversation about flowers is its own whale that we will hunt another day.)  And you will see just how many pieces of the wedding

When thinking about all the physical stuff that is part of many wedding days, it might be easiest to imagine in your mind that you are walking into a wedding right now.  There's a welcome sign greeting you and perhaps some sort of container for items needed for the ceremony.  What are these are made of?  An acrylic sign, while very trendy, is a single use plastic.  A wood sign would eventually compost in theory, but the stain and paint on it are likely toxic.  So when it does breakdown, those toxins will be released into the soil.  You could choose to use a heavy weight paper instead, which can potentially be recycled.  You might even be able to use a paper that is made of recycled materials so that fewer new resources went into it.   And then there's the container, which might be yarmulkes for a Jewish ceremony, fans for a hot day, programs with the list of events, or something to throw during the recessionals.  Is the container plastic?  Cardboard or even a nice woven basket could work just as well.  And what's inside?  For the love of the Earth, hopefully it's NOT glitter.  Flower petals, paper confetti, or rice would all be fine if they are themselves wrapped in something that can be recycled or composted like a paper bag or a bamboo cone.


You grab one of whatever it is and take your seat.  You pass a small arrangement hanging from the seat at the end of your row; it's attached with ribbon.  Then the ceremony begins.  The family walks down the aisle wearing boutonnieres and corsages.  The bridesmaids have individual bouquets with more ribbon

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