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Farm Bouquets

What's happening?  The global supply system of flowers is falling apart.  Farms everywhere have no one to sell to.  It's terrifying to think, but we may lose many of these farms, which will affect the availability of flowers for years.  But right now, we can help our local flower farms!  And when the dust settles, we may need them more than ever if the global supply of flowers has shrunk.

What can you do?  Buy a farm bouquet!  We're working with local flower farms—one farm per week—and guaranteeing them a large purchase so they have reliable income.  We're hoping to pre-sell 40 bouquets from each farm to cover the flowers, transportation, sales tax, & overhead.   If we sell more than 40, we'll buy more flowers.  If we sell less than 40, each farm will still receive the minimum purchase we guaranteed.  To help us in supporting these farms, we're offering 2 bouquet options:

  • 1 bouquet + delivery for $50

  • 2 bouquets + delivery for $100. . . consider buying 2 and sending the second to someone who works in healthcare, has lost their job, postponed their wedding, or needs a bit of encouragement for any reason

Why is TNF doing this?  So far the losses have fallen on the farms. They have already spent thousands on the supplies and labor to grow flowers that now no one is buying.  As a design studio, our events are being postponed but not lost, so we can afford to take on some risk.  If the bouquets don't sell, the farms will still get paid.

How will deliveries work?  The delivery dates for each farm are listed below in their pre-order form.  Fill out the form for the week or weeks you would like  to reserve your bouquet(s), and we'll follow up for payment.  (Venmo preferred.)  NY/NJ delivery will be available in in the following areas:

Rockland County NY,  Westchester County NY,  the 5 Boroughs,  Bergen County NJ,  and Hudson County NJ

Deliveries will be no-contact.  Whether you live in a home or an apartment building, we will leave your flowers outside or with a doorman.  We'll give you an approximate time of delivery beforehand and will text you when we're on route and when we've completed the delivery.  That way you can retrieve the flowers as soon as they arrive.

Delivery available April 29 & 30, 2020

Tiny Hearts Farm

Delivery available April 22 & 23, 2020

Number of bouquets:

Treadlight Farm

Number of bouquets:

Rock Steady Farm & Flowers

Delivery available March 6 & 7, 2020

Number of bouquets: