Frequently Asked Questions

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Q:  Is Three Notch Florals a good fit for us?


A:  We specialize in working with couples who care deeply about the details.  When you work with us, we’ll be in close communication throughout the process, not just about flowers, but about all the design details that go into your wedding from what you’re wearing to how you want your napkins folded.


Q:  Does Three Notch specialize in a floral design style?


A:  Nuanced, abundant, and just a little bit wild.  The key to our design is not to overwhelm the eye.  Every flower, every color, every combination is beautiful when balanced correctly.  Take a look at our portfolio and our Instagram to get a sense of our style.


Q:  Do you offer services beyond floral design?


A:  Yes!  There are so many vendors we love to work with from paper good designers to rental companies.  We can either source their products for you or create a tailored list of vendors for you to explore.  We also offer our couples access to our in-house styling pieces to accent their event—antique silver trays, handmade pottery, vintage books, and lots of beautiful one of a kind items.


Q:  Where do you work?


A:  The studio is located in Mount Vernon, NY in southern Westchester County.  We primarily work on weddings throughout New York City and the Hudson Valley.

Q:  How much do Three Notch’s services cost?


A:  Our proposals are custom-made, and the total cost varies greatly depending on the needs of the couple.  Our weddings begin at $5,000 and generally range from $5,000-$20,000.


Q:  What goes into the cost of our wedding?


A:  A number of things:

  1. The highest quality flowers and foliage. We use a mix of the best local flowers and specialty flowers from around the country and the world.  

  2.  Hours of personalized attention helping you curate all the elements of your wedding in the months leading up to it.

  3.  Sustainable products. From beeswax candles to silk ribbon, we refuse to cut corners to save a few dollars. It’s far more important to us to save the earth.

  4. Experienced staff overseen by Cara working tirelessly the week of your wedding to transform your venue.

Q:  When should we inquire?


A:  We recommend inquiring at least a year in advance for two reasons.  First, because of the time devoted to each couple, we are only able to accommodate 15 to 20 weddings a year.  And second, we love to work with you from the start of the process so everything from your Save-the-Date to the cake flowers feels cohesive.

Q:  What happens after we inquire?


A:  We’ll set up an initial consultation by phone to talk about your overall vision and some of the details of what you’re looking for.  You can read more about the initial consultation and the process of working together here.

Q:  How should we prepare for the initial consultation?


A:  Know your style as a couple, but bring an open mind as to how we can best express it!  That’s it. We’ll walk you through everything else.


Q:  How do we secure Three Notch’s services for our wedding?


A:  After we have finalized your proposal, we require a signed contract and non-refundable deposit of 25% of the total cost of your proposal to secure our services.

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Q:  What happens if the design or services needed change after signing the contract?


A:  Your proposal will very likely change over the months we work together, and the contract takes that into account.  The contract is an agreement that we will perform the services in and you will pay the total cost of the most recent version of your proposal. 

Q:  Do you create mock-ups?


A:  Yes, we love to work on your tablescape in person!  We need to do this approximately 30 days before your wedding.  This will allow us to use primarily flowers from the correct season, but it will also give us enough time to make changes to your flower or rental order if we need to.


Q:  Can we keep the flowers at the end of our wedding?


A:  You are welcome to keep your personal flowers (like bouquets), but we don’t allow you and your guests to keep centerpieces or other arrangements because we reuse our vases and compost the organic waste.  These are two crucial steps for reducing our environmental impact.  If you have some special guests you would like to send home with flowers, we will create small “to go” packages for them.

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