Working Together to Design Your Wedding

When you work with Three Notch Florals, you work personally with Cara—its founder and lead designer.  The studio intentionally takes on a limited number of weddings, no more than 20 in a year, so that each client can expect an intimate, creative, and detailed experience.

Why do this?  At Three Notch it is not worth working on your wedding if we cannot offer you the highest level of service from start to finish.  From the very first meeting, where Cara will work with you on the overall feel and design, to the moment before your guests arrive, when candles are being lit, she is there making sure everything is perfect.

The Process of Crafting Your wedding

What does working together practically look like?  It starts with an initial consultation and grows more in depth and hands on as you advance in the process.  You can read more about the process below.