Autumn Nymph

with dried floral wings

Photographer: The Copper Spoon Collective  Model: Nora O'Neil  Dress: BCBG


This is the first shoot we ever designed (in collaboration our lovely model Nora who does flowers and styling herself when she's not modeling!). After a year of drying leftover flowers because we love them and sometimes can't bear to throw them away, we were left with an abundance of beautiful dried product. We use small amounts of dried florals or foliage in most of our events for texture, but we had enough dried materials to try something new. The idea of wings came to us in the lead up to Halloween when costumes are on the mind. And once we had the dried floral wings, the concept naturally followed of a magical earthy fall creature wandering about the last lush day of autumn before the decay takes over. We used Tompkins Square Park and its beautiful stone gazebo for the backdrop to our autumn nymph shoot, and the foliage could not have been more perfect.