Who We Are

Three Notch Florals is a floral design studio based in Brooklyn and founded by Cara and Kate, who found flowers thanks to a couple of amazing friends who trusted us with their weddings.  At Three Notch we've always found inspiration in balance and collaboration.  We love arrangements that are lush and structured, that highlight individual blooms and the interplay between them, and that find beauty in both the specialty flowers from far away places and the foraged bits from wherever we can find them. Above all, we are inspired by working together with our clients, who pushes us to always look at flowers with fresh eyes.

The major road leading into our alma mater was originally named Three Notch'd Road, a colonial-era route across central Virginia believed to have taken its name from the distinctive marking of three notches cut into trees to blaze the trail. It is both figuratively and literally the road that brought us together. And though we never would have guessed it at the time, it eventually led us to life of flowers.

Why "Three Notch"?

Our Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Our love of nature extends beyond creating designs that look natural. The state of our environment and our impact on it is an issue we spend a lot of time and effort trying to tackle. At the end of every event, we do "green" breakdowns where we sort through all our trash to separate what can be resused, recycled, and composted. When in season, we buy from local flower farms. And going forward, we aim to limit (and hopefully one day eliminate) single-use plastic and petroleum-based floral foam in our work. Our dream is one day to design and produce an entire event using all local flowers and without any single-use plastic!

If you'd like to read more, click on each topic below or head over to the Journal where we post periodically about environmental sustainability.

silk and willow ribbon - yellows.jpg
locally grown hudson valley zinnias from Rive Garden

Photo credit: Brooklyn Botanic Garden by For Love & Light. Ribbon flat lay and zinnias by TNF. Arch close up by Ryon / Lockhart Photography.