Three Notch Florals is a Hudson Valley florist and design studio founded by Cara Schmidt.  The studio specializes in wild, garden-style arrangements created using seasonal, locally grown flowers.  At Three Notch Florals, the magic of your event design comes through capturing a fleeting moment in nature and weaving it together with all the many other beautiful details of the day.

Deer Mountain Spring Wedding 10.jpg

Seasonal, Sustainable, Thoughtful Design

There is only one thing more important to us than your event, and that is our impact on this world.  We cannot continue to have weddings and celebrations if we do not take care of the Earth and each other.  Therefore, every decision at Three Notch Florals is made with sustainability in mind.  But what does that mean?  We believe sustainability means:

  • supporting our community by buying from our farmer neighbors to grow their small businesses

  • supporting our Earth by reducing non-renewable resources at every step of the process

  • supporting our industry by creating stable jobs and well-paying jobs that provide a livable income